Photographer Highlight: Harold Ross

Last Chance Garage - Harold Ross

No worries, the Points of View Photo Project will return next week. Please visit last week’s post for the source image and give it a shot!

I’ve been in real need of some creative inspiration lately and I have been feeling an urge to experiment with new techniques as I continue to discover my vision and refine my craft. One of my “go-to” places is the member portfolios over at NAPP. There is a wide collection of styles over there and I can usually find a few cool shots here and there, though time doesn’t usually permit much lingering to really take it in.

Twitter: Photoshop Tips of the Day

Starting last night and continuing every weeknight, probably around 10pm (Eastern) or so, my followers on Twitter will be treated to a new segment I am doing called – imaginatively enough – Photoshop Tip of the Day.

Though I could do full-length tutorials with one tweet/step, single tips are easier to digest and lend themselves so much better to the Twitter format.

Our Canadian Escape

Last Friday Kim and I decided that we wanted to do something other than house stuff or just relaxing in the pool or watching some movies. And, since today is our 21 month anniversary (Happy Anniversary, Kim! I Love You!). So, around 8 o'clock we...

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